Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The big 'MO'


Barack Obama has passed a serious test of credentials at Wisconsin and now faces even sterner tests in the weeks ahead.

But Sen. Clinton is a formidable candidate. Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania will certainly present her with a fine opportunity to churn out her proverbial political gamesmanship. For now no one is counting the Clintons out and rightly so.

So what are the headlines saying?

And what does this mean for the race? Some of the best political analysts crack down the electoral code:

Also the big question on everyone’s mind now is: What should/will Hillary Clinton do? Find out here:

Finally, what happens to Obama?

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Anonymous said...

Contrary to speculation I really do not think there’s going to be a rift if Obama wins the nomination.
I have seen no indication that the "rather McCain than Obama" crowd consists of more than a few internet harpies. Just wait and see.

When Obama takes the nomination, he will take the support of the full Democratic Party