Sunday, February 17, 2008

The African Cup of Nations-Did Hayatou cheat?

Hayatou is a typical 'big man' in Africa

by Kojo Asiedu

The African Cup of Nations has come and gone but the recriminations, rumor mongering and celebrations will continue for some time to come. One of the subtle yet loud “hear-says” going around is that some ‘big men’ at CAF had attempted to influence the outcome of the tournament.

It is no secret that Issa Hayatou the imperious CAF boss has an unshakable iron grip on CAF. After the Ghana-Cameroon match, according to, “Mrs Janet Ofosuhene, a physical education instructor, who was visibly angry while she was leaving the stadium, accused the CAF Executives of belonging to a conclave that decided, which country should win the African Nations' Cup, and asked why referees were not selected through open balloting but was done in secret."
Sour grapes you might say but every street playing soccer kid in Ghana knows Hayatou is not completely blameless.

Has the ‘big man’ phenomenon eaten too deep into CAF? Has the time come for Hayatou to go before he turns CAF into a laughing stock and a continental disgrace?
What is even more embarrassing is the way the organization side stepped Ivorian star Didier Drogba for Kanoute in awarding the African Player of the year award simply because Drogba was not physically present-and for a good reason.

Should football fans sit and allow a small band of self serving mob to destroy such a beautiful game.

This is sheer abuse of power.

African soccer has been living under a groundless illusion that the game is on an upward ratchet all over the continent but may wake up one day to find out that Hayatou and his French speaking gang have plunged us into a total mess.

What do you think? Should Hayatou be given the sack? Did he really cheat for Cameroon?

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