Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little bit more than enough is poison.

Clinton who has not won any election since Super Tuesday is under ‘super’ pressure

by Afeseh Ngwa Hilary

In toxicology, the basic principle is that the dose makes the poison-anything can be a poison-the dose differentiates the remedy from the poison.

This holds doubly true for confidence. Hillary Clinton set out on the race to the Democratic presidential nominee with an almost deriding hubris, with a confidence overdose which almost saw herself crowned before the race began. What a way to pick your own poison!!

Her current opponent who was the underdog is sailing through with enough, just enough confidence to keep him level headed and working hard to earn the nomination from the american people, not being presumptive, not counting victory until it has arrived.

With 10 straight back to back wins in primaries and caucuses, Obama is bursting the Clinton ego and injecting venomous doses of doubt into the veins of the Hillary campaign. While Obama has known streaks of victories and mounting momentum propelling him with unimaginable force, Hillary has known streaks of defeats, setbacks, confusion, and pressure in the inner circles of her campaign.

Many fine and precious stones are born under pressure, so let's see what is hatched out of the extant pressure in the Clinton camp. Meanwhile, Obama is etching in indelible ink for himself and for America beautiful pages in the annals of History. He is showing that when Courage is wedded to Hope many great new things can be born.

Let time sort this out.


Anonymous said...

If Obama has any sense what is good for our party and country he’ll cede the nomination to Clinton. Obama’s going to be miserably whipped by the republican machine.

And for all you babies who cry Obama and hang on to his every word I bet you have no idea what politics in this country is like do you?

Believe this or not: If the Democratic nomination is stolen from Hillary Clinton by the ignorant cult, we will all be looking at the carcass of the Democratic Party and four more years of Republican government.

Anonymous said...

Geez!! For the first time in my adult life I'm proud to be an American!!!

Mark my words the Democrat Convention is going to be such a brawl! I'm going to have plenty of cold beer and popcorn ready to watch the riot on the convention floor!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Clintons should concede defeat. They should actually crawl under a rock somewhere for a couple of centuries.

By then may will forget about their tricks and gutter politicking.

And let me also add-although it�s been said again and again that-may our next female candidate for president be someone who got there on something other than her spousal connections.

Mukund said...